July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023 
Council and Board Members

President - Paul Schutz
Vice President - Duane Vaubel
Treasurer - Amy Anderson
Secretary - Jan Shearer
Financial Secretary - Deb Skiles
Faith Community Nurse - Jonet Schutz

Ministry Team Representatives:
Education - Pat Haneberg
Elders - Fred Gargiulo
Fellowship - seeking volunteer
Outreach & Descipleship - Merryann Randall
Properties - Tim Shearer
    Building Use Coordinator  - Jan Shearer
    Community Garden Coord - Jan Shearer
Public Relations - Jan Shearer
Social Ministry - Verna Dixon
Stewardship - Amy Anderson
Youth - seeking volunteer

Council Meeting Minutes

Council meets every 3rd Tuesday at 6pm. Anyone is welcome to attend council meetings - we may meet in person in the Library or via Zoom. Contact Jonet to learn if it is a Zoom meeting and request and invite.

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Voters' Meeting Minutes

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