Last Sunday we explored an important question with important answers: If God threw a banquet, who would get invited and what would be served? Based on the parable of the wedding banquet, we learned that everyone is invited and God serves love, acceptance, righteousness, peace, and joy through Jesus Christ.

The scriptural answer to the question “Who would get invited?” is an unequivocal, “Everyone!” In the parable, everyone gets to come to the banquet. A survey of scripture makes it abundantly clear that God desire everyone to be at His banquet. 

More to the point, you are invited! You are loved by God. You are wanted. You are valued. God wants you at his banquet. And, like the rabble invited to the baquet, it doesn’t depend on your excellence or holiness. It depends solely on the invitation of God, which is extended to everyone everywhere.

As in the parable, people will not always want to come to God’s banquest because you can’t take your pride with you. Even the clothes are provided by the king. All are welcome, but you are not welcome to bring your greed, pride, lust, rage, selfishness, jealousy, adn the like with you. Some will choose to keep their pride rather than accept the king’s grace.

What is served? In the parable, the king provides not only royal food and drink, but clothing appropriate for a royal banquet. God clothes us in the righteousness of Christ. The apostle Paul reminds us that we have put on Christ like a robe, covering our sin. Of course, we are still us. But by faith, God sees the righteousness of Christ when He looks at us. We can be at peace in God’s presence because we are clothed with Christ.

In the parable, the king finds one guy who isn’t wearing a wedding garment and throws him out. Why? It’s not because the guy couldn’t afford nice clothes. The wedding garments were gifts from the king. It’s because he wouldn’t accept the king’s grace and gifts.

The king’s banquet starts now in our lives as we trust in the death and resurrection of Jesus. We are completely reconciled to God. Nothing stands between us and our creator. All is love between us. Both our current lives and our eternal souls are safe in the hands of our loving heavenly Father.

Grace and peace to you,