Joining a church brings many benefits to your life. Here are seven for your consideration:

1. Spiritual Growth

Churches often provide opportunities for spiritual growth through worship services, sermons, Bible studies, and other religious activities. Being part of a church community can help individuals deepen their faith and understanding of their religious beliefs. Participating in regular worship gives you a weekly chance to step out of everyday life and ponder transcendent truths. The church year in a liturgical church, such as Redeemer, provides a further rhythm to your spiritual life and growth.

2. Community and Support

Churches foster a sense of belonging and community where individuals can connect with others who share their faith and values. This sense of community can provide emotional support, encouragement, and friendship, especially during challenging times. If you have something difficult in your life, the pastor and elders are there to talk with you and pray with you. At Redeemer, we also have a Faith Community Nurse, who can be a valuable sounding board for your physical health, as well. We further foster our sense of community by gathering simply for fun (like game nights).

3. Service and Outreach

Many churches, including Redeemer, are actively involved in serving their communities through outreach programs, charity initiatives, and volunteer opportunities. Joining a church allows individuals to participate in these efforts and make a positive impact in the lives of others. As part of Redeemer Lutheran Church, you will be helping provide food for the homeless, emotional and spiritual support for those who can't leave their home, and a help with a variety of other community needs.

4. Guidance and Mentorship

Churches, including Redeemer, have one or more pastors on staff, along with others with great life experience who are happy to talk and walk with you through life.  These mentors can offer wisdom, perspective, and support on various aspects of life.

5. Opportunities for Worship and Reflection

Churches offer regular worship services and gatherings where individuals can come together to worship, pray, and reflect on their faith. These moments of spiritual connection and contemplation can provide solace, inspiration, and renewal. As a church that follows the liturgical calendar, life at Redeemer includes mid-week services in preparation for the high holidays of Christmas and Easter.

6. Family and Children's Programs

Churches often provide programs and activities tailored to families and children, such as Sunday school, youth groups, and family events. At Redeemer, we have Sunday school for younger children and we are working to build a youth group for middle and high school age young adults. These programs help children learn about their faith, develop moral values, and build relationships with peers in a supportive environment.

7. Sense of Purpose and Meaning

Joining a church can provide individuals with a sense of purpose and meaning by connecting them to something greater than themselves. Participating in religious rituals, traditions, and community service activities can help individuals find fulfillment and a sense of belonging in their spiritual journey. Research has shown that people with an active faith life are happier, more peaceful, and live longer (on average).

We hope you will visit Redeemer and consider making us your church home. We would love to have you join our spiritual family as we walk the spiritual journey of life together.